3 Myths About Video Production To Leave Behind

Many businesses are still quite reluctant to adopt video in their online marketing campaigns. The reasons are understandable but stem mostly from fear of the unknown.


Videographer video production Springfield Massachusetts  We’ve been receiving plenty of feedback of why clients face an initial hesitation to add video. On top of the list is the concern that “we just don’t know where to start”, followed by unease about video production and videographer costs, and the complexities involved in producing a video. But, once they complete their production, they are extremely happy that they invested the time and budget. Here are some of the concerns they had.



Debunking video production myths


1. Video are too complex for our business

For most businesses the initial interest in video production seems overwhelming with visions of time consuming scripts and storyboards, actors, large camera gear, etc. Keep in mind, the video production industry, particularly for small and mid-sized businesses, has become a lot less cumbersome. Our business, eTown Videos, LLC, and many others have a streamlined process custom-tailored to smaller video productions. This usually requires a director/producer, videographer, and production assistant on the day of the shoot. Careful planning on the part of the production company is essential. But much of the planning and post-production (editing) happens in the studio of the production company. Video companies take great care in producing the video with a minimum amount of disruption to your business operations. Hiring the right team will ensure that the video production process is a lot easier (and more fun) than you think.


2. Professional video productions are very expensive

Hit TV shows like Breaking Bad or Mad Men are big budget productions. Presumably you want to stay as far away as possible from that production budget! video production budget western massachusetts

Creating authentic marketing videos does not have to be expensive. Most viewers who watch and share video care most about the authenticity of the video content. Production value and an engaging story are important – however the value of an honest video representation cannot be overstated. The point is, if you truly have something to share, there are a lot of viewers who need to see it. Hiring a professional videographer or even a small video production team will help you focus on a simple, affordable, and polished video creation. Original content and a professional production can be accomplished with a skilled video team. Creativity and skill can take you far in building up your video library at an affordable cost.

videographer pricing and cost western massachusetts


3. We don’t really use video

When a client says they don’t use video, they usually mean they don’t use video yet. Video demand is not so much driven by the companies who create them but rather by consumers who watch them. The preference for videos by consumers (and businesses) to consume product and services information is increasing at a rapid rate. It has increased non-stop for the past 5 years. It has become a critical component in helping companies and organizations get the word out about their services. Hiring an experienced video production team can develop more uses for video than you may currently be aware of. Videos that help your business support and educate your clients and employees.

Video is a multi-purpose communication tool that’s easy to use and track


Video productions are not just for sales and marketing, but also for internal company communications. Updating employee training is a good example. Continuing employee education through video segments is another. Videos are also used in the client support department to show customers how to use their products and/or services. Seminars and conferences almost always include video production to document knowledge that is shared with employees who weren’t able to attend the conferences. 

Video hosting platforms such as Vimeo offer a wealth of video tracking options. Knowing what parts of the videos were skipped or watched will provide you with insight on how your audience watches your videos. That is valuable feedback in when developing methods to improve on your video content.

Are you ready to take a leap of faith and learn more about video productions? Feel free to get in touch with us for your next video project.

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About the Author: Sven Kielhorn

About Sven and eTown Videos: Sven Kielhorn founded eTown Videos in 2006. Sven has been working in motion graphic design and digital video production for over 15 years. Today, eTown Videos, LLC has developed a team of ten video specialists covering all phases of video production. The eTown team works with a wide range of clients including small businesses, large businesses, non-profit organizations, and academic institutions. As Creative and Marketing Director at eTown Videos, Sven works with his team to help organizations in developing strategies to incorporate web video technologies into their online presence. Additionally, he works on all phases of video production, post-production, and video marketing.