8 Tips for Finding a Videographer and a Video Production Company

How much does a videographer cost in Springfield MassachusettsIs the video company you are about to hire capable of producing an effective video for your organization? I have developed 8 key points that you ought to consider when interviewing the video production company or the videographer. These point will help you in formulating questions you need answers to before deciding on your video production team.

Ask the right questions to reveal the answers you need to make a decision, after all, you’ll be working quite closely with them for a few weeks or months. 

1. Objectives and Goals:

During the initial meeting it is important that clear objectives and goals are established. Make sure that the video production company or the videographer fully understands the goals you have communicated with them. I prefer summarizing the objectives of the video production in a scoping document, usually part of a formal proposal. This important first step will prevent that the video projects doesn’t end up drifting into a direction that doesn't meet your objectives and ends up costing you a lot of money. 

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2. Experienced videographers and resources:

While this may seem obvious but making sure that the new video production team has the experience, skill, and resources to work on your project is important. Video production companies come in all forms and sizes. Have your new video vendors briefly describe their experience and skill levels.

3. Ask to see relevan
t prior video production work:

The quality of film making styles and creative approaches can vary widely from one video production company to the next. Review samples of their prior work. This step will give you an excellent indication of what you can expect to see in your final video production.

4. Understanding the video production process:

If you are relatively new to video productions have the videographer explain their workflow and video production steps. Most video production follow a similar industry standard workflow, but it is important to review the process prior to the start of the video project.

5. Sometimes things go wrong:

During the course of the video production things may happen that are not within anyones control. It happens, that's life. Therefore, if the videographer’s feathers get easily ruffled it may result in a difficult business relationship. Ask the videographer or the video production team how they handle unexpected problems. You’ll quickly gain insights into how resourceful and courteous they are in dealing with potential issues.

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6. Customized video production proposal and quote:

Your project deserves a customized proposal and specific pricing. You don’t want to look at a template which the video company has used for every client they ever worked with. Of course, there are some elements that will be similar in each proposal, but the proposal should relate to your project and objective specifically.



7. Personal meetings with the videographer or production team:

It is not always possible to meet with your videographer or video production team in person. Perhaps the project is out of state or it may be time sensitive. But I do recommend, when possible, meeting with the representatives of the video production company in person. A meeting will provide you with an excellent opportunity to see if their working styles and personalities match with your preferred working styles.

8. How long will it take for the video production to complete?

While delivery timing can be difficult to determine at the start of a video project, it is nevertheless important to receive an estimated delivery date. It is a good idea to check with the videographer or producer of the video if delivery dates are still on target.

Keep these guidelines in mind when selecting a videographer or a new video production company. If you do you will be well on the way to make a choice that is right for your business.

Videographer availability and pricing

About the Author: Sven Kielhorn

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