How to Create a Corporate Recruitment Video for Your Business


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Over the past few years there has been a shift in the recruitment process. Recruitment and marketing have been merged to help attract the best talent for your organization. An increasing number of companies have turned to recruitment videos to find the best candidates possible for their businesses. Companies have much to gain by incorporating recruitment videos into their hiring strategies. Convincing top talent to come and work for you takes a lot of effort, particularly in a tight labor market. Recruitment videos are an effective medium in finding the right workforce.

Using video to shift your recruitment message

A video can tell an applicant so much more than just the desired skills and experience. Creating a curious story about the company’s culture and environment is done much more effectively through a video communication. Video can showcase a company’s environment in a way that no career placement ad ever could. Potential applicants can become acquainted with a business or organization before they ever apply.

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What should be included in a good recruitment video?

Providing the viewer with a look of what it is like to work at your company by highlighting your corporate personality is key. Ultimately, all jobs come down to how people interact with each other. Video provides an opportunity to show the human side of your organization.

All videos have something in common. A good video will follow a structure: beginning, middle, and end including a CTA (call to action).

The foundational pillars of storytelling (people, purpose, plot, and place) will assure that your video storyline is on firm ground to hold the content together.

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Each business is different in size and scope, but there are common factors that do exist, so we recommend including the following:

  • What is your company about, what the main purpose of the work is, the stated values and mission. Video makes it easier to share these things with the viewer in a conversational manner.
  • Include employee interviews that share experiences - whether they have been with you for one, 10 or 20 years. Most positive experiences are appropriate for the recruitment video.
  • What the work environment looks like.
  • Show the applicant that hard work is rewarded. Talk about the various perks and that the environment can be both professional and fun. Share your corporate culture with your audience.


Branding recruitment video

Some companies prefer a focus on a branding video. What makes your company unique? How would you like your company to viewed by customers and employees?


A ‘day in the life of’ recruitment video

This type of video showcases the story of your average employee and what a day at work could look like. Coming to work, the workspace, interaction with team members, break room or lunch places. Employees talking about responsibilities and tasks and what they like about working there. Introducing the employee resources available to help with day-to-day work. Review all the experiences that could happen during the course of a day at work.


Start up company recruitment video

A video by a start up company usually focuses on learning and professional growth. This is often tailored to students who are about to graduate. The excitement and adventure of a start up company is very appealing to many younger job seekers fresh out of college.


Videos with a sense of humor

Get your viewers attention with a humorous look at your company. The possibilities in style are endless. If your company doesn’t take itself too seriously then a well-done spoof video may be for you.

Whatever style you choose, recruitment videos are the most effective and interesting way to attract the best talent for your business.



By Sven Kielhorn | August 10, 2018

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